You think it. We match it.

Color sets the tone.

The visual aspect of a product line is as important as scent and touch sensory experiences. Some lines require vivid colors while others something more muted.

Please click on the color you would like us to match and provide us with the reference number. If the color you envision happens to not be on the chart, our staff will match any color in between and beyond.

Why Tropical?

Every product is developed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and consistency, from your first shipment to the last. That’s the Tropical promise.


Organic Certified

We source only the highest quality ingredients for our Certified Organic products and produce them according to the most stringent methods required by the USDA.


Amazon Ready

We’ll help you concept, develop, manufacture, and ship your next big idea, on budget and on time, so your products can be found on the web’s largest marketplace.


We are proud to manufacture our products in the USA in accordance with all FDA and EPA standards.