Private Label Lotions

Private Label Lotions A personal care product line just isn’t complete without private label lotions. Tropical Products, Inc. manufactures lotions according to consumer trends and your own personal style, creating the best items for your company. When you need a lotion guaranteed to please your customers, trust us to be your manufacturing and packaging partner.

Create Unique Private Label Lotions

From the formulation phase to the packaging assembly line, our company guarantees the most personalized and high-quality soap manufacturing on the market. We lead our industry when it comes to working with clients to create completely custom hand, face, and body lotions. Whether you’re envisioning all-natural, chamomile-scented body crème or effective self-tanning lotions, Tropical Products, Inc. can give you something you’ll feel good about advertising.

When you partner with us, you can be the chemist of your private label lotions. You’ll work closely with our product development team, whose services are completely free to our clients, to figure out how you want your lotion to look and feel. You’ll work with our lab staff to come up with the ideal formulation—including any fragrance or color you want—and our packaging specialists to determine the best package for your brand. Finally, you’ll meet with the production team to guarantee that every aspect of your product comes together seamlessly.

Contract Manufacturing for Private Label Lotions

Choosing a contract manufacturer for your private label lotions is highly dependent on the level of communication the company offers you. If you can’t keep in touch with your manufacturer, you can’t ensure they’re developing your lotion to your specifications. Tropical Products, Inc. is highly flexible with our communication methods and never leaves a client in the dark about the manufacturing process.

If you need a lotion created, manufactured, and packaged according to contract specifications, Tropical Products, Inc. will fill your order in a timely manner. We partner with trusted label printers, box and cap manufacturers, and shipping companies to give you an all-inclusive contract manufacturing experience. From the time you submit your online contact form to the arrival of the product at your door, you’ll enjoy superb customer service and true partnership.

Private Label Lotions You Can Feel Good About

Partnering with Tropical Products, Inc. is a decision you won’t second-guess. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to our personable customer service staff, we treat our clients like part of our business family. If you’re ready to enjoy complete customization, easy communication, and top-quality manufacturing techniques, call (800) 643-7387 to get started developing your private label lotions.